Meet one of our impressive vendors

Robert Howg

While vacationing in China, Robert Howg decided to browse an electronics market.  He discovered some small speakers that he thought he might be able to re-sell.  With an investment of only $600, he purchased the speakers and attempted to sell them to friends and associates.  He sold all of them in three days!

Realizing he had a potential money-maker, he rented a space at the Phoenix Park 'n Swap.  Using a single table and the back of his car, he purchased more speakers and enjoyed several months of selling.  This success led Howg to expand his product line and include larger speakers, tablets, cell phone accessories and general electronics.

When I think about "speakers", I think of the little thing that is attached to my computer and allows me to hear music and videos.  Howg's speakers range in size from small to mega and his prices run from $15 to $625.  His biggest seller is a Dolphin brand with six 10" speakers selling for only $380.  The Dolphin is a huge speaker with built in FM radio, a USB port, SD Card reader, Bluetooth and AUX input.  It will play music from your phone, iPod, tablet, computer, iPad and other devices.  The sound quality and flashing "disco" lights make these speakers a "party in a box"... a very BIG box.

Howg recommends the Dolphin speakers for any family or individual who enjoys hosting parties, backyard BBQ's and entertaining friends.  Quinceaneras, birthdays, wedding celebrations or any time a DJ might be needed are also great times to use these speakers.  With a microphone jack built in, they can be used for making announcements and introductions too.

As a former bus driver, Howg now enjoys the benefits of owning a business.  He finds his new career both enjoyable and rewarding.  Howg is living the adage, "Find something you love to do and you will never work a day of your life."

With the successful launch of his business at Phoenix Park 'n Swap, Howg recently expanded into wholesale, employs five people and plans to open a satellite location in the near future.

Robert Howg and his speakers can be found at the Phoenix Park 'n Swap on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at space location , F-34 (north fence line).