Luis Mayoral - L.Wolf Graphics

After working for some of the largest screen printing companies in California, Luis Mayoral, the owner of L.Wolf Graphics, decided that he wanted to start his own business.  He produced t-shirts for rock stars and promotional items for televisions stations including VH1 and MTV.  He also developed the first sample logo for the King of the Hill television show.  But, Mayoral wanted to create his own designs that would honor his beliefs and his culture.

Mayoral opened L.Wolf Graphics 2 years ago when he moved to Phoenix.  He specializes in screen printed glass and mirror plaques, and t-shrit designs.  His first original piece is titled "Eagle Head", pictured at right.

Mayoral's process begins as a "Pen & Ink" drawing which he scans into a computer then uses software to create a digital copy.  From the digitized piece he separates the colors into individual parts to print screens (like a negative).  These screens are used to apply inks onto the item being printed, with each color having a separate screen.  Mayoral has the ability to apply up to 6 ink colors in his studio, but has access to another studio if more colors are needed.  Screen printing each piece by hand allows him the most control over the entire atistic process.

Mayoral began selling his work at Pow Wows, but desired a more permanent place to display and sell his work.  Phoenix Park 'n Swap with 40 plus years at the same location, reasonable space fees and 1000's of shoppers per day was a great choice for his business.  The Washington Street location allows repeat business from customers he meets at other venues, as people can easily find his space at Phoenix Park 'n Swap.

Over the lst year, Mayoral has seen L.Wolf Graphics nearly triple in size affording him the opportunity to expand his business.  He now offers custom work.  He produces custm t-shirts and glass plaques and mirrors.  A custom design might consist of provided portraits or artwork, or he can create custom artwork and lettering.  Look for a new line of "logos" designed by guest artists to be introduced in th near future.

"Using Phoenix Park 'n Swap is a great way to start a business because of the low overhead and the foot traffic that is already there.  People come here looking to buy unique items.  The swap meet hours are easy to work around a full time day job while you start your business", Mayoral said.

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