Helpful hints for Shoppers

Where is the Phoenix Park 'n Swap located?
3801 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Is there an admission or parking fee?
Adult Admission is $2.00. Children under 5 feet tall are free.† Parking is free.† Free Admission on Fridays.

What are the hours of operation?
Open Year Round:†
Wednesdays 4pm-10pm,
Fridays 6am-Noon,
Saturdays and Sundays 6am-4pm

What type of merchandise can I expect to find?
Phoenix Park 'n Swap has something to offer everyone.† New, commercial type merchandise, garage sale type items, a wide variety of services and lots of unexpected treasures fill our lot.† For more information, please see the ìShoppingî page on this website.

Where can I find a schedule of events?
Please see our News and Events page.

Are the concessions and carnival rides open year round?
Yes.† Shoppers can enjoy the rides†or grab a tasty snack and a nice cold beverage from one of the many concessions all year long.

Can I bring my dog or any pet?
Yes. Small dogs (less than 15 pounds) on a leash or in a pet carrier may be brought into the lot. Please pick up any messes they may make.