Food and Beverages at the Phoenix Park 'n Swap

Come to shop. Stay to eat.

During a fun day of shopping, everyone needs to take a break.  So, why not find a table, sit down, relax and sip on a beverage while you enjoy pizza, a hotdog, a hamburger or a BLT.  If you’re in the mood for some portable snacks instead, munch on some chips, a pretzel or a jumbo order of delicious fries.  All this and more is offered by the world famous Sportservice Company.

When that sweet tooth comes calling and you need a bit of sugar to help push you along, don’t miss the ice cream bars found in the mobile carts.  Or choose some roasted corn with your choice of butter, cheese, chili pepper and salsa to bring out that warm, sweet flavor.

If you’re in the mood for some international fare, try the Mexican foods.  Lots of choices await, ranging from burritos to tacos to tostadas to quesadillas and much more.  And don’t miss the authentic Indian Fry Bread.

Shoppers and vendors have all sorts of choices whether its breakfast, lunch or a tasty snack they’re craving.  So, relax and cool down with an icy snow cone.  And on those chilly, winter days, some hot cocoa or roasted corn will warm you up for the next big bargain.