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Kids of all ages love to visit Buck A Roo Pony Rides at Phoenix Park 'n Swap.  Horse back riding is a big part of our southwestern history and culture.  Parents love watching their children experience this time honored traditioin.  Children are given basic riding instructions, and introduced to the pony by name as they get on their mount.  Standing and watching it's easy to get drawn in to a romantic notion of a simpler time and a "cowboy way".

Families watch their children on the pony rides

Gary & Nancy were professional people who took early retirement from their careers and began selling rustic yard art at art and craft shows.  While working at one of these shows they noticed a vendor offering pony rides and thought it might be a good business for them.

While they had no background raising horses, they had farmland in Casa Grande, and a neighbor who helped them a lot.  They started with 5 ponies, and have grown to 13 ponies plus a petting zoo over the years.

"Owning any business is hard work and takes a lot of self-discipline.  There are no sick days or paid vacations and if the weather is bad - there is no pay.  But it is so worth it."  They are in complete control of their income, and often find they make a better living than they did in their previous careers. 

 Little girl making friends with a pony
Gary & Nancy take pride in their animals & their booth presentation at Phoenix Park 'n Swap. Every pony is given a bath with baby shampoo before they come to work.  A great portion of their day is spent cleaning up messes and providing great customer service. This could be why they get a lot of repeat customers.  Nancy said parents often tell her that given the choice of how to spend the day kids ask to go ride the ponies at Buck A Roo Pony Rides at Phoenix Park 'n Swap.

Phoenix Park 'n Swap works really well for Buck A Roo Pony Rides.  Having a constant, stable place with a reliable customer base has helped them grow their business, and love their work!

For more information and photos, please visit Buck A Roo Pony Rides on Facebook.